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See Loki is the prince of lies, the trickster god,

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UPDATE! Doodle sacks

I went and put all of the bags I had pictures of in a nice little Imgur Gallery¬†and made a post about it on Reddit, thinking it would…

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‘Most everyday at my day job I end up getting a good half hour to forty-five minutes to sketch away in my sketchbook.


I have a daughter!

World, meet Mairin. Mairin, the world. Born on August 14th, at 2:2 in the morning, 21″ long and weighing in at 7 lbs. 5oz. Momma and baby are…



ROAR! My good Arizonian friend went and had a baby boy. So here’s the 1st of three paintings for the little fella. It’s a 16″ x 20″ canvas…


Lots of big news.

So big things to announce. Baby genders, trendy tablet computer purchases, poster show happenings. None of which i’m tlaking about here. here is a picture I drew for…


Of Bikes and Vinyl Toys

Long time no blog. In the past, long periods of time between posts are usually related to massive amounts of video game time, and sheer laziness. Not so…


Retro-esque x 2

I’ve been trying to do two things this long weekend, draw more, and work on coloring said drawings. My latest attempts are recoloring a Galactus, and and newer…

Will work for work.

Over the weekend part of the creative community got their collective twitter panties in a bunch over some poor schmuck,


Wheels are better than heels

Got me a new bike!


Picture day: MoMA

Its been two and a half years.