I’ve never see all of King Kong

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Designing posters based on movies everyone have seen before is nothing new, neither is boiling them down to a few vectorized elements, setting the title in Helvetica, using a muted colored pallet and calling it minimal or retro. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it can be a fun little exercise. There are are even brilliant examples out there.

A while back, I had the idea of of doing a similar project, but with a small twist. Do a serried of posters based on movies I’ve should have seen big classic movies, such as Blade Runner, Cassablanca, Titanic, and anything by Tyler Perry. I want to avoid doing an overly minimal version of a poster ¬†for example the first one I chose was King Kong, and instead of focusing on a single defining image, I wanted to incorporate that the movie went from a lost island covered in a jungle to New York City.


I’ve never seen the full, original version. It is a movie with such a solid place in pop culture I felt like a could whip something up that communicated all the elements of teh movie. I started by working up some custome letters. I based it off House Industries’ Tiki Island. I hand drew it without a reference, and got pretty close to it.

Then sketched out a rough layout …

then drew up the text in illustrator, illustrated the rest of the image and photoshopped in some textures.