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Run BB-8! RUN!

Run BB-8! Run!

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It’s a little mashup I did. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

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More monkey business

A little experiment in Adobe Edge Animate. This cute little bugger just looks around. This one, should move his head as you move your phone or tablet. Dont’ try moving…

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Bad monkey.

It started as a doodle. Took a drawing and made it 82% more evil.


I drew a funny 

Part test, part practice, part it’s about time I get back to updating.    


Dino phone

It started out as a lunch bag and evolved into this fine piece of work. Guess what?


Love sick

No way this works out. No way.


A lil’ bit

So here in Minnesota, things are wet. More rain then ever recored wet, and I have a basement.

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Another year down

For the last 2 years I’ve been drawing a different picture on my son’s brown paper lunch bag for every day he’s gone to school.